Opis UR-F1 (Zebra Wood) Wooden Wrist Watch for Women

Opis UR-F1 (Zebra Wood) Wooden Wrist Watch for Women

These precious wood watches for men and women from Germany’s retro design house Opis Technology relax you as the wearer and get you back in touch with nature.

We live in an age where everyone else is constantly using smartwatches to read the weather forecast, chat, browse the web, and track their bodily functions. The Opis UR-F1 and UR-M1 aren’t about any of that. With their unique, simple design, use of natural materials and basic functionality they adorn your wrist and tell the time. That’s it. It makes these watches a pleasant throwback to a more relaxed (and more relaxing) era when we were more in touch with nature. Opis watches set you apart from the crowd, not by being garish, but by showing your quiet, natural style.

The natural wood used for both casing and wrist bands is not treated in any way, except for a protective coat of oil. This is enough to make your hand-crafted watch durable for daily use. It withstands a refreshing walk in the rain with no problem at all. Get back in tune with nature and yourself and enjoy life as you like it. These watches don’t tell you what to do. They just remind you of less-hasty times.


  • HANDMADE: Developed by German design firm, all Opis UR-M1 / UR-F1 watches are hand-assembled. Quality control is carried out by Opis Technology’s German engineers.
  • ZEBRA WOOD: This watch’s wrist band and casing are made of intricate zebra wood. The wood remains in its natural state and is oiled for better durability.
  • PRECISION MOVEMENT: Precise timing and long battery life are ensured by the 2035-movement to drive this wooden designer watch.
  • WRIST BAND: The hardwood wristband is made from small interlinking parts. Links can be removed or added to give the perfect length. The tool to remove links is included.
  • MATCHING MODELS: Each watch model comes in a style for men (UR-M1) and a matching one for women (UR-F1) - for that perfect couples look.

Package contains

  • Opis UR-F1 hardwood watch.
  • Tool to shorten / lengthen (extra wrist band parts need to be bought separately) the wrist band.
  • Instruction leaflet.


  • Length: 18 cm
  • Width: 36 mm
  • Height: 12 mm
  • Weight: 39 gr
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