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2G Network Belgium 2 yıl 4 ay önce #346

Hello, I live in Belgium and would like to purchase an Opis push phone with to put a SIM card in but no company has been able to guarantee that the 2G will still work, or when it will get shut down. If the 2G gets shut down, will we be able to receive an upgrade from you to 4G networks?

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2G Network Belgium 2 yıl 4 ay önce #347

Sorry, we also do not know when 2G will be turned off for good. We believe however that in Germany and most of Europe 2G will remain the fall back solution. Technically it makes more sense to turn off 3G before 2G. Main reason being that there are numerous technical devices (machines, meter, control systems) depend on 2G. All together there is a higher demand to keep 2G alive than 3G. I personally expect we will see 2G for at least 5 more years in Europe.
As far as the upgrade from 2G to 4G is concerned that is unfortunately not an option. The hardware is totally different so there is no upgrade possible.
Opis Technology Support Team
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