Opis PL4 - Dimmable bubble glass pendant lamp shaped as a rectangular prism with wood and metal

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With its range of retro styled lamps German design house Opis Technology brings you the comfort your home deserves. The Opis PL4 pendant lamp is a unique piece of design. The rectangular glass body is interspersed with tiny pockets of entrapped air that scatter the LED light as it approaches from the wooden fitting on top. The intensity of the light can easily be dimmed using any standard mains dimmer switch to give the right ambience for any occasion.

The lamp fits almost any indoor location, but works best as an accessory light in addition to another light source. While you can use it in a corridor, it truly is a thing to marvel at and works best where people sit down and get a chance to contemplate the surroundings. As such, the living room or the kitchen are natural choices.

It is suggested to hang the lamp from a ceiling that is at least 2.5 metres high, so that the electrical cord holding it up has a good length, and the lamp can be used to its full effect.

Installation is easy. You just connect the lamp to the electric cables and fix it to the ceiling. Extra lamps are added to the first one with the included 1.5m connection cable. Clear instructions on how to achieve this connection are included. And if you need support, that is what the Opis technical support team is here for. Just let us know your question


  • BUBBLES: The unique production process for the glass used in this lamp entraps tiny pockets of air creating a prism that scatters and refracts light in an eye-arresting fashion. Try not to stare in wonder.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Simply adjust the cable length and mount the lamp to the ceiling. You can do it.
  • COMBINABLE: You can combine as many Opis PL4 lamps as you like. The cables and fittings to do so are included. Find your perfect arrangement.
  • DIMMABLE: The brightness of this ceiling lamp can be reduced or increased using any standard mains dimmer switch. Select the light that brightens your mood.
  • WALNUT FITTING: The bubble glass body is held by a natural walnut fitting that contrasts beautifully with the rectangular glass shape and lets you enjoy the lamp, even as it is switched off.

Opis Technology lamp types

Quality outweighs quantity when it comes to Opis Technology’s retro styled lamps. In order to bring you only the most unique, high-quality, pleasing designs we restrict ourselves to a few select models.

  • PL: The PL series are pendant lamps, that is lamps that hang from the ceiling.
  • TL: The TL series are desktop lamps.
  • FL: The FL series encompasses all lamps standing on the floor.

Package includes

  • Opis PL4 Dimmable bubble glass pendant lamp
  • Parts required for ceiling mounting
  • Instruction leaflet with assembly instructions


  • Length: 9.6 cm
  • Width: 3.1 cm
  • Height: 19 cm
  • Weight: 1.3 kg


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