Opis 60s micro (green)


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Opis 60s micro: Mobile phone handset

The Opis 60s micro - Android Version (3.5mm & USB-C) or Apple iPhone Lightning Version (3.5mm & USB-C & Lightning) is a phone handset in classic 60s design for mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, pads and other mobile devices. With this retro handset for mobile phones it is possible to have long phone calls in style and comfort without exposing your head to high levels of radiation. The 9 different bright and shiny colours can be perfectly combined with any personal accessory. The retro receiver is plug&play: simply plug it in and you can start making calls.


  • Up to 99% less radiation near the head compared to direct mobile phone use
  • Surface in classic glossy colours
  • High sound quality and excellent noise reduction
  • No technical gimmicks like buttons, knobs or flashing lights
  • Android Version: Includes adapter for mobile phones with USB-C socket
  • Apple Version: Includes adapter for iPhones with Lightning socket

Technical Specifications

  • Classic handset for mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, notebooks and other mobile devices
  • Simply plug and phone
  • for all mobile phones with 3.5 mm jack: e.g. for Samsung, for Huawei, for LG, for Xiaomi, for Nokia, for Galaxy, for Huawei, for HTC, for Xiaomi, for Motorolla, etc.
  • Android Version: also includes USB-C adapter
  • Apple Version: includes both USB-C adapter and Lightning adapter


  • length: 21 cm
  • width: 7 cm
  • height: 6 cm
  • weight: 0.3 kg

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