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why does it take so long to get connected when I call someone? What about the strange beeps that I hear at some time? Can I switch them off?


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Dear 123456ab,

in reality, the ojective connection time with the Opis 60s mobile is very similar to that of a standard mobile phone. A major difference, however, is that with the standard mobile phone you dial and then press the dial-start-key and only then you put it to your ear (bridging much of the collection delay) while with the 60s mobile, you already have the receiver near your ear while you dial and are waiting for the call to be connected immediatedly after you have finished dialling.
In addition, the Opis 60s mobile uses a timeout of 4 seconds (configurable) before it commences with the connection process. This allows it to function without having to enter anything after the phone number. If you wish to return to standard cell-phone behaviour and tell your phone to connect by pressing a key, there is also a way of doing this with the Opis 60s mobile: simply dial a * following the phone number and your deskto mobile will immediatedly try to establish the network connection to your called party.

Best regards,

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