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does the "mobile" support USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) codes? Can I change my PIN, divert calls, etc.?


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Hello gringo,

the answer is yes and no.

In general the Opis 60s mobile supports USSD codes through an undocumented feature. If you dial the USSD code with a leading *, it is passed on to the network in the same way as it would with a regular mobile phone. As the Opis 60s mobile doesn't have a display, you will however not be able to see any response. This renders some commands (e.g. display my account status) useless, while the ones you have quoted (and many others) work well, only that you will not get visual feedback that they have been executed.

To explain with your 2 examples using the T-Mobile network:
Change PIN (on regular mobiles)
* * 04 * [OldPIN1] * [NewPIN1] * [NewPIN1] #
Change PIN (on the Opis 60s mobile)
* * * 04 * [OldPIN1] * [NewPIN1] * [NewPIN1] #

Divert all calls(on regular mobiles)
Divert all calls(on the Opis 60s mobile)

Other commands work similarily and instead of pressing the "connect call" button, you simply have to wait a while till the Opis 60s mobile has finished beeping. As stated previously, there is no other indication that a command is complete (as there is no display to show it), but in general USSD commands should execute fine.

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