Will Opis 60s mobile desktop will come GSM / 3G and possibly 3G/4G/5G version

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7 years 2 months ago #273 by Szajda78
Will Opis 60s mobile have 3G in future

I have a white opis 60 desktop phone and is very satisfied.

However, wonder if there will come a GSM / 3G and possibly 4G / 5G version of the phone for today is only the GSM version.
Why I ask for GSM network around the world will be turned off and the 3G version could be the solution alt GSM / 3G / 4G

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7 years 2 months ago #274 by admin
Despite popular believe and an increasing number of 4G phones voice over LTE is barely standardized. Main reason being that the industry not to speak of countries have not been able to agree upon the voice codec. Companies who do use voice over LTE are mostly not compatible with others. Consequently there is no 4G chip set on the market who does it all. Opis Technology is going to develop a 4G version as soon dust has settled and the technology is in a more stable state. As 3G is an intermediate step between 2G and 4G we are not planing to provide a 3G solution.

It seems that most network providers seem to have similar thoughts on that matter and will not turn off 2G any time soon. Even countries how officially have turned off 2G still use it for voice (e.g. Singapore).

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