Using a twim sim, but the phone does not ring ?

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9 years 1 month ago #191 by tvoismo
Hi .

Just got this nice phone, it works calling out, but it will not ring when someone is calling it.

Why is that ?


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  • admin
9 years 1 month ago #192 by admin
Hello tvoismo,

there are two possible reasons we can think of why the phone might not ring.

1) a configuration issue with your twin-SIM arrangement (the second SIM card may just be configured not to ring)
2) a defect in your 60s mobile

You can check for possibility 2 by picking up and dialing *09*. This is a test mode and the phone should ring once after dialing the combination. Then, when you hang up again, it should ring another time. If it does, it is very unlikely that the problem is in the phone, otherwise there is probably something wrong with the Opis 60s mobile itself.

You can also check for an issue with the twin-SIM arrangement (possibility 1). To do so, please exchange the SIM-card from your primary mobile phone with that of the Opis 60s mobile and call your number. If now the Opis 60s mobile rings, but your primary mobile phone doesn't, you know it is a configuration issue with the twin-SIM arrangement. (If you can tell us your provider we might be able to help you in resolving it - or you could contact them directly).

If both of these tests do not prove conclusive, it must be a 3rd option that we have just failed to take into account right now. Please let us know in this case, and we'll think about it again and maybe come up with another option.

Best regards,

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