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Hello all of you,
Have just received my iPhone 7plus case via
The magnetic closure is not available...
I Will return thé item to . Should I order à new one???? Afraid thé same problem will be present again !!!
What do you recommend ?
Thanks & good evening.


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Hello Patrick,

it would be extremely strange if there were no magnets integrated into the cover. However, it is possible that the magnets in the flap and in the side of the case are not aligned well-enough for proper operation on your particular case. All cases are handmade and some deviations are, unfortunately, unavoidable. We have tested all the cases for magnet function, but it may happen that the leather contracts/expands while in storage (it is a natural product after all).
You could try to see if you can get the case to close without the phone inside and then pressing the plastic part so that it aligns differently with the front flap. Should the magnets work then, the front flap may be out of tolerance (too short/too long) . Sometimes it is possible to correct this by pulling the front flap outwards or loosening it by opening and closing it many times.
In any case the magnetic closure should work as well as shown in the video here: (Normal Magnet Operation) .
So what we think is that unfortunately you have received a defective case and would suggest that the best course of action is that you exchange the case for a new one. If you are still unhappy with the new one, you can always return it for a refund.

Best regards,

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