BYOD: US Cell Phone Service Provider considerations for the Opis 60s mobile 4G and PushMeFon mobile 4G

Updated on March 28, 2023

0) If you just want to get started without reading all this...

Simply go to the table at the bottom and check if your cell phone provider is listed. If yes, the Opis 60s mobile 4G and Opis PushMeFon 4G will work on the network and you can go ahead and buy and operate them.





1) What is BYOD (or BYOP)

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) are offers in the US that allow customers to use a cell phone device purchased from another company than the company that provides the cell service and the SIM card. (Note: In most other countries worldwide this is the norm and package deals of phone&cell phone plan are an option. In the US it tends to be the other way around.).

In order to operate the Opis 60s mobile 4G or the Opis PushMeFon mobile 4G in the US, you will need to purchase cell phone service from a company that supports BYOD. Luckily, many companies do.

2) Cell Phone Service Provider Device Restrictions

The Opis 60s mobile 4G and Opis PushMeFon mobile 4G are our future-proof versions of the classic desktop mobiles. They are compatible with almost all networks worldwide, including in the USA. However, many US cell phone service providers actively block devices unless the devices have gone through an expensive certification procedure. At the bottom of this pager, there is a list of the cell phone service providers for which the 60s mobile 4G and PushMeFon mobile 4G are not only capable of working (they are capable of working with almost all providers in the US), but also certified to work, or - in other words - allowed onto the network.

3) Setting the phone up for your cell phone provider

The good news is that this should work automatically in most cases. If not, you can use the configuration command:


where instead of <nnn> you enter the Setting Code for your Cell Phone Provider from the table at the bottom of the page. The phone will now configure itself correctly. (As an example: for AT&T you would dial: *003#005* and for T-Mobile *003#003* )

Should your phone still not work despite running the configuration command, please do not despair, but contact us by email to Bu e-Posta adresi istenmeyen posta engelleyicileri tarafından korunuyor. Görüntülemek için JavaScript etkinleştirilmelidir. stating your phone, IMEI number (found on the bottom of your Opis 60s mobile 4G or Opis PushMeFon mobile 4G) and your cell phone provider details. We will then help you set up everything remotely.

4) Device compatibility checks

Several cell phone service providers have a device compatibility check on their websites that allows you to find out quickly if a device can be used. Usually, you will need to put in the IMEI number (found on the bottom of your Opis 60s mobile 4G or Opis PushMeFon mobile 4G). If the device compatibility check comes back as positive, you should be good to go with that cell phone service provider. 

Please note that cell phone service providers may list Opis Telephones either by chipset or by the device name. So don't be surprised if the Opis 60s mobile 4G or Opis PushMeFon mobile 4G are shown as any of these:


5) Supported US Cell Phone Providers and Settings

Country Cell Phone Provider
Setting Code Comments
USA AT&T 005  
USA Allvoi 007  
USA Best Cellular 007  
USA Black Wireless 008  
USA Boom! purple Mobile 005 formerly Boom! blue Mobile
USA Freedom Pop 012  
USA FreeUp Mobile 013  
USA GenMobile (GSM: AT&T & T-Mobile) 003  
USA GoSmart Mobile 015  
USA H2O Wireless 013  
USA Hello Mobile 016  
USA Jethro Mobile 009  
USA Liberty Mobile 017  
USA Lycamobile USA 018  
USA Mint Mobile 009  
USA MyAFMobile 007  
USA Net10 004  
USA Pure Talk 020  
USA Q Link Wireless 021  
USA Redpocket GSMA 012  
USA Redpocket GSMT 009  
USA Simple Mobile 011  
USA SpeedTalk Mobile (wholesale) 009  
USA SpeedTalk Mobile (mnet) 022  
USA Straight Talk 014  
USA Tello Mobile 009  
USA Ting X1 009  
USA Ting X3 010  
USA  T-Mobile 003  
USA Tracfone BYOP 011  
USA Ultra Mobile 009  
USA Unreal Mobile 012  
USA US Mobile 017  
USA Walmart Family Mobile 003  
USA Wing Alpha (T-Mobile) 003  


6) Previously supported US Cell Phone providers that are currently not guarranteed to work

Country Cell Phone Provider
Setting Code Comments
USA Access Wireless 007 reason unclear
USA Consumer Cellular (on T-Mobile) 009 reason unclear
USA Consumer Cellular (on AT&T) 012 reason unclear
USA Good2Go mobile 008 reason unclear
USA Metro by T-Mobile 019 there are temporary activation issues