hEar - Frequently Asked Questions

For what are the Opis 60s hEar products needed?

The Opis 60s micro hEar (handset for mobiles), Opis 60s mobile hear (desktop mobile) and Opis 60s cable hEar (fixed-line telephone) have been developed specifically for the needs of people using hearing aids. All products are hearing aid compatible and in particular support hearing aids with T-coil (setting T).

The Opis 60s mobile hEar and the Opis 60s cable hEar also include an extra loud electronic bell in place of the more silent metal bell included in Opis Technology's classic products.

For what is the Opis 60s micro hEar (handset for mobiles) needed?

Opis 60s micro red - handset with smartphoneThe Opis 60s micro hEar has been developed specifically for making phone calls with mobile phone and hearing aid. As the 60s micro hEar is shaped like a traditional phone receiver, its use is very simple: with your hearing aid in setting T, plug in your mobile phone and make your phone call.

During the call, all the usual unpleasant interference, you would normally get when talking on the mobile with your headset, is eliminated and you can enjoy a crystal clear conversation experience. (More information.)

For what is the Opis 60s cable hEar (landline telephone) needed?

Opis 60s cable black on tableThe Opis 60s cable hEar allows anyone who is hard of hearing to make phone calls from their home using a classic fixed-line phone. It included a loud electronic bell and comes with the same support for hearing aids as the Opis 60s micro hEar (see the question on the Opis 60s micro hEar handset above). Because of this it allows both design lovers and senior citizens to make a pleasant phone call from home - independent of any hearing impairements.

For what is the Opis 60s mobile hEar (desktop mobile) needed? 

Opis 60s mobile - desktop mobile on table

The Opis 60s mobile hEar works exactly like the fixed-line phone Opis 60s cable hEar. Again hearing aid suppor and extra loud electronic bell are present.

The Opis 60s mobile hEar does however provide the user with many additional possibilities because it does not need to be attached to a landline socket, but works in conjunction with a SIM-card. It is a classic rotary dial telephone that is cherished by design lovers and intimately familiar to senior citizens and that moves with you - hassle free - wherever you go. So no matter where you are, you can always be reached under the same number. (More information.)

What is setting T (telephone coil)?

T-coil symbolSetting T is a mode that is supported by the majority of all hearing aids. As soon as setting T is enabled in your hearing aid, it can convert the induction signals generated by Opis hEar products into interference-free audible signals. The whole process is transparent to you, all you will notice is the result: great conversation clarity.

How can I enable the T-setting in my hearing aid?

Typically, this is a very simple procedure, but it can vary from device to device. If your hearing aid supports the T-setting (by far the majority do) and how you can enable it, can be found in your hearing aid manual, or you can simply ask the shop you purchased it from.

Does the induction handset Opis 60s micro hEar work with any mobile phone?

Unfortunately, this is not the case. However, 95% of all mobile phones support the 3.5mm connection of the 60s micro hEar (for older models with 3.5mm connection, an adapter is included in the package). If you should find that you mobile phone is not directly compatible, please contact us and we will try to suggest a solution.

Can I set the volume of the electronic bell of my Opis 60s mobile (desktop mobile)?

Yes, the volume can be adjusted from silent to very loud.

Can I set the volume of the electronic bell of my Opis 60s cable (landline phone)?

Unfortunately, this is not possible right now.

I have further questions. How can I obtain answers to them?

Please leave us your questions in our >>support forum or write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We enjoy helping you.